Quilt Thrifters
Quilt Thrifters
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Quilt Thrifting just published!
Quilt thrifting:  what is it? “Thrifting” is purchasing used items instead of new. Quilt thrifting is a method of reusing materials to make a new quilt.  This book shows examples of how to reuse old fabrics and remake them into new items.  
The purposes of this book on quilt thrifting are three fold:
  • To promote recycling among quilters
  • To make quilting more affordable for the cost conscious quilter
  • To promote creativity in the up-cycling of fabrics
“…what a great book your friend has written.  I remember that you sent me the picture of you and her at the top of the fabric mountain at the "ropa" and I love that you reuse so many fabrics.  Her suggestions are great and every quilter should be thinking about using fabrics in the way she does. “    -Nora 
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